A company providing end to end bespoke charging solutions to the leasehold property market has opened for business.

EV Solutions Group has been created to overcome the multitude of obstacles associated with providing Electric Vehicle charging capabilities to leasehold developments. The company designs a complete, end-to-end solution, then fully project manages the process to ensure a total solution is delivered.

This involves working with specialists such as distribution network operators, electrical design engineers, government agencies and contractors as well as overseeing grant applications to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget

Technical director Alan Draper who co-founded the firm with Managing Director Ken Ingram, said: “We identify the numerous legal and practical obstacles to installing an EV system and then bring in the relevant specialists to design, cable and charge the entire estate whilst navigating the legal complexities.

“The two main areas we will be focusing on is underground car parks within blocks of flats and overground car parking, where the bays can be a substantial distance away from the main building.

“It can be a highly complex situation, there are around 11 different areas where we need to involve specialist partners to provide a comprehensive delivery programme which we will fully project manage.”

Alan is a member of the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) with more than 15 years’ experience in the residential leasehold sector and, prior to that, the IT industry.

Ken has 25 years’ experience in project management within the IT industry whose core skills lie in his ability to build and manage both pre and post initial public offering companies.

This combined experience led to an approach by the IRPM to produce a white paper about the installation of EV infrastructure in residential leasehold environments. This was presented at the IRPM annual conference in London in May however, work has already started on projects in Henley, Abingdon and the Eagle Works in Jericho, Oxford.

The process starts with the legal aspect of reviewing leases created before the advent of electric vehicles. This is followed by an upgrade of electrical transformers and cabinets onsite to deliver additional power and then the provision of cabling across often complex locations before the chargers themselves are installed.

Every detail from how to balance the energy loads required per car to billing individuals for their usage is considered.

Ken added: “The main client target is property management companies. We are currently offering consultancy advice by providing summary reports of what the options are for each development to inform managing agents so they are aware of how we can provide EV solutions within a particular development.

“Once property management companies’ contract to EV Solutions Group, we can then liaise with contractors, create designs and progress to full project management.

“While many companies offer ‘EV solutions’ to leaseholders, managing agents and freeholders, this is usually restricted to selling a particular brand of charging unit as opposed to providing an end-to-end bespoke solution.”