Invitation to a meeting to provide an update on the Electric Vehicle (EV) project

Dear Owners in The Malthouse and The Undercroft,

The EV Project Team will be holding a special meeting at 7:00pm in Flat 7, The Malthouse on Wednesday 16th November 2022 at 7:00pm or online via a Microsoft Teams link Here.   For those not familiar with Microsoft Teams instructions are available here.

The sole purpose of the meeting is to provide an update on the Electric Vehicle (EV) project.  We will explain the situation regarding the legal, planning and funding status and we will also include a presentation from the project team on the design, the hardware and the operational and payment aspects.  A Question and Answer document can be downloaded by clicking here to help your understanding, although there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions at the meeting itself.  Of course if you prefer to table your questions in advance please send them to me by email and I will happily arrange for the answers to follow. Additionally, a costings spreadsheet can be downloaded here – Copy of EV Malthouse Agreement Spreadsheet 20102022

Essentially, the Project Team need your decision on whether you wish us to proceed to activate the project and if yes, as many of you have already indicated, then shortly thereafter we will require you to complete some legal paperwork and fund the initial stages.

As it is a good opportunity to meet your fellow owners face to face we hope that, with this advance warning of the date and drinks on offer at the event for those who want them, as many of you as possible will attend in person.

If you are attending in person it would be appreciated if you would bring soft house shoes to wear.

Please let me know your intentions so we can plan accordingly.

Steve Collier and the the EV Project Team

Tel: 01491 414331