Introducing EV Solutions Group Ltd.

Many companies are offering EV Chargers to leaseholders within blocks of flats, but NONE are offering a fully bespoke, end-to-end solution to overcome the many and varied obstacles to retro-fitting EV Chargers within existing developments.

EV Solutions Group was created to address this market.

At first glance, it would appear to be fairly straightforward to give a number of leaseholders in a confined development, full access to EV Chargers however, its anything but straightforward…

When you consider, most individual leases were written and issued years before electric vehicles became a reality. Infrastructure was never designed with consideration of the evolution in vehicle technology. Transmitters, cabling, power output, how to balance the energy loads required per car, how to bill individuals for their own usage and so on, the list of issues to be addressed is vast and will be considered further in our SOLUTIONS section

Underground carparks, outside communal carparks, and a combination of both in the same development all have their own problems, apart from the infrastructure considerations mentioned above, what kind of charger units do you use, where do you place them, after all there are no pillars to fit charging units to in an outside carpark!

EV Solutions Group have built a business model to address these problems bringing together and working with specialist partners in order to offer a bespoke, end-to end modular solution, addressing any and all of the above issues

EV Solutions Group will be the only business partner you need to solve the many challenges you will face in your property portfolios

The people:

Alan Draper, MIRPM AssocRICS, Technical Director for EV Solutions Group Ltd, is a Member of the Institute of Residential Property Management ( with more than 15 years’ experience in the residential leasehold sector and prior to this, 15 years in IT. This combined experience led to an approach by the Institute of Residential Property Management to produce a white paper on the subject of the installation of EV infrastructure in residential leasehold environments. Download the white paper here

Ken Ingram, Managing Director of EV Solutions Group Ltd, is a serial entrepreneur and has built many start-ups over the years, and until recently founded and ran a tech consultancy and global support and maintenance company. Ken’s core skill’s lie in his ability to build and manage both pre and post IPO companies whilst designing and implementing business models focused on project management, strategy, operations and general business and people management.