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EV Solutions Group was created to provide electric vehicle chargers for those living in flats and apartments whether a single leaseholder, or an RMC, or landlord needing to install a site-wide, or communal scheme

Even at its lowest level, the installation of a single EVC will require the involvement of several parties including freeholders, leaseholders, lawyers, resident management companies (lease review, license to alter) planning authorities, electricians, and utility providers assuming the electricity feed comes off a communal supply and requires a meter.

When this then progresses to a site-wide solution, you can add electrical engineers, distribution network operators and government agencies (to apply for the appropriate grants). Additionally, you will require solutions to maintain the system and bill each leaseholder for their electricity.

EV solutions Group co-ordinates all of these parties and services to provide the following.


Comprehensive Coordination

EVC Strategy

An initial EVC strategy to enable clients to meet the needs of early adopters whilst simultaneously planning for future site-wide needs. EV Solutions Group will meet and liaise with all relevant parties in order to create an initial survey plan. This will allow clients to understand the summary work involved in their project which will involve meetings and feedback with some of the specialists mentioned above. EV Solutions Group will provide a Survey Plan report to summarise all the necessary work involved in the project.

Project Plan

A more detailed project plan to enable property managers to manage the implementation of the project if they so desire.

The next phase, if instructed is that we will create a full Project Plan, including details of the specialist partners we are recommending being included in the end-to-end solution, complete with relevant pricing.

NB: All costs would be indicative at the time of writing the plan and based on assumptions as provided by the client

Full Project Management

Full project management on behalf of the property managers and their clients.

Following the creation of both the initial survey report and the project plan, EV Solutions Group, if instructed, will oversee, and manage the entire end-to-end solution, including through to a relevant billing solution and aftercare of the site-wide solution.

Our Project Management Processes describes each of the components that make up our total modular solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

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From 1st April 2022, grants will be available on the basis of £350 per charger and £500 per charger as a contribution towards infrastructure costs. EV Solutions Group can apply for grants on behalf of clients.

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We can. EV Solutions Group sees individual leaseholders as the starting point of any EV charging infrastructure within a leasehold environment. Our project plans start with single leaseholders and can take a site through the whole evolution to a site-wide scheme.

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We anticipate that the managing agent/property manager will do this with support from EV solutions with specification documents, quotations and answers to leaseholder or landlord queries.

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In some cases, this may be possible if the car parking space is close to the leaseholder’s electricity meter AND the local transformer can handle the increased load. In most leasehold developments, there is usually a considerable distance between the leaseholder’s electricity meter and the car parking space with cost and safety issues rendering this approach impractical.

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