Billing Systems


The EV solutions group billing platform allows leaseholders to be billed individually, without the need for multiple electricity meters.

Billings Systems


EV Solutions Group’s billing platform collects data from each EV Charger installed on site and will individually bill leaseholders for the use of their own electricity, negating the need to install a meter for each charger.

Where the chargers are connected to a communal electricity supply, which provides the power for other services on site, our platform can measure the individual consumption that each charger draws down and can pay the requisite contribution towards the overall communal electricity bill.

Recovery of costs

Recovery of costs – Communal electricity


Where multiple EV chargers have been installed, a communal meter would be installed by the DNO that measures overall consumption and these bills can be paid either by

1. The Freeholder or managing agent, with EV Solutions Group then refunding the costs of these bills through the revenues collected directly from leaseholders for their use of electricity

2. EV Solutions Group who will then recover this cost directly from leaseholders via its billing platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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From 1st April 2022, grants will be available on the basis of £350 per charger and £500 per charger as a contribution towards infrastructure costs. EV Solutions Group can apply for grants on behalf of clients.

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We can. EV Solutions Group sees individual leaseholders as the starting point of any EV charging infrastructure within a leasehold environment. Our project plans start with single leaseholders and can take a site through the whole evolution to a site-wide scheme.

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We anticipate that the managing agent/property manager will do this with support from EV solutions with specification documents, quotations and answers to leaseholder or landlord queries.

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In some cases, this may be possible if the car parking space is close to the leaseholder’s electricity meter AND the local transformer can handle the increased load. In most leasehold developments, there is usually a considerable distance between the leaseholder’s electricity meter and the car parking space with cost and safety issues rendering this approach impractical.

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