I would argue that November is the most difficult time of year for property managers. The dark nights and bad weather don’t make for happy leaseholders and, on top of that, you’re trying to get budgets agreed before Christmas so the 1 January service charges can go out on time.


……………..and then you have those leaseholders that want electric vehicle chargers. What on earth do you do with them?


EV Solutions group can assist you in obtaining budgetary figures for EV charging systems that can suit the needs of early adopters yet be scalable when others (inevitably) follow suit.

SO, even if you have a single leaseholder asking for an EV charger get in touch and we can help you manage these requests. This includes

  • Assisting individuals’ leaseholders (and getting them off your back)
  • Assessing possibilities for scalable EV charging solutions inclusive of lease and power supply reviews.
  • Providing budgetary figures to enable a reserve fund to be accumulated.


SO…. Let us help you get these enquiries out of your inbox.