A thought piece written by Alan Draper, Technical Director of EV Solutions group has been published by the Institute of Residential Property Management. www.irpm.org.uk

It is a comprehensive guide to EVCs in residential blocks and takes property managers through the process of EVC installation step-by-step.

Two useful checklists are included. One helps frame responses to requests for charge points from individual leaseholders, and one supplies a series of questions that must be asked and answered when faced with a site-wide request.

The thought piece also delves into:

  • The reasoning behind the need for EV charging & the different considerations
  • How EV requests are dealt with today, including all legal requirements
  • Finally, the different array of solutions available for multi-site dwellings

To download the thought piece, please go to https://www.irpm.org.uk/news-articles/irpm-think-piece-ev-charging-infrastructure/